To minimize the danger of having electrical fires, taking safety measures like upgrading your system is a wise thing to do. But, it is vital to be aware of the best things to do once you encounter one. Even if you do not own a fire extinguisher, being ready for how to out an electrical fire can determine the difference between a major catastrophe and a minor accident. Here are some hacks you can do to achieve it:

Always prioritize your safety

You need to keep yourself away from harm first once an electrical fire is quickly growing and you didn’t get the chance to switch off the electricity. It is best to contact 911 immediately to make sure that you will have a backup. Tell the dispatcher about the electrical fire situation. Before you try to put out the fire all by yourself, guarantee that you could see 2 clearways to safety. If one of those pathways becomes unsafe or blocked to reach, you have to immediately evacuate.

Disengage the electricity

Disconnecting the electricity to the fire’s source should be the first thing you must do. Once the source of fire is an appliance, you should immediately unplug it. Doing so can minimize the danger that the flames will be spread out even more. Also, you can concentrate your efforts on that particular fire source. If you cannot unplug it, you should disconnect your home’s electricity. Once you reached your electrical panel safely, switch the power off right away. The moment you’ve put out the electricity, you will have the risk of being electrocuted anymore and the fire’s source is finally cut off.

Apply baking soda for minor electrical fires

When the fire started in an overloaded cord or and appliance and you’ve successfully disconnected the power source, you can use baking soda and toss it over the flames. Baking soda has sodium bicarbonate, which is a chemical compound that’s in Class C fire extinguishers. If ever a crockpot or toaster bursts into flames, having an accessible and open baking soda could actually save your life.

Refrain from utilizing water while the power is on

If your power is still on, you should never toss water on whichever electrical fire size. It is claimed that water can conduct electricity. Hence, the moment you throw water onto the flames, you could possibly be shocked.

Prevention is better than cure

It is much recommended to stop electrical fires before they even occur. To do so, you have to consider having an electrical safety inspection in your home once you observe any problems when it comes to your electrical system. The professional and ensured electricians at Elektriker Århus can assist you in deciding what upgrades would be the best for your electrical system to secure the safety of your loved ones. If you want to avail of our services, do not hesitate to contact us through our mobile number and we will be responding to you shortly. Visit us now for more information.