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  • In newspaper ads, this will enable you to provide much more detail than having to pay for costly newspaper space. As well, it will provide potential buyers a source to look even after your newspaper ad run has ended.
  • On signs you may post, this will let buyers review your property prior to contact, therefore when you are contacted you will know a potential buyer is interested in your property, saving your time and theirs.
  •,, and are all part of the the For Sale By Owner Canada network.
Most importantly make sure the house is CLEAN!
  • A fresh and clean smell is important, eliminate cooking odors and the smell of smoke
  • Add a touch of fragrance to the air
  • Clean and organize kitchen cupboards
  • Walkways should be clear for easy access
  • Clean carpets
  • Clean tub and shower of grout and moulding, replace caulking if necessary
  • Clean appliances inside and out
  • Kitchen counters should be clean and clear, small appliances and gadgets should be put out of sight to create an uncluttered look
  • Clean and organize storage areas and closets
  • Clean all windows and walls
  • Clean hard water marks from taps and tiles
  • Put all personal items away
  • Clean out wood burning fireplaces
  • Clean furnaces, replace filters and check hot water tanks for leaks
  • Clean up evidence of pets
Equally important is the look of the property and house exterior!
  • Mow the lawn, remove weeds and trim shrubs and trees
  • Sweep or wash down sidewalks
  • Clean and replace broken interlocking tiles on sidewalks, driveways and patios
  • Plant colorful seasonal flowers to add color to the landscape
  • Replace broken or missing shingles, shakes or tiles
  • Paint fascia boards, eaves and repair flashing as needed
  • Clean up the back lane and parking area or garage as well as the yard being free of debris
  • Repair or replace rain gutters and down spouts as necessary
  • Clean vinyl and aluminum siding or paint exterior if worn and peeling
  • Keep fencing and gate in good repair and working order
  • If there are worn or brown spots on your lawn use sod to fix this
  • Clean or replace exterior lights, mailbox and house numbers
Some repair and improvements may be needed!
  • Ceiling fans can be attractive and accent any room
  • Use mirrors, it can add to the perception and feeling of size
  • Replace cracked or broken glass
  • Replace noisy bathroom fans and buy a new shower curtain
  • Ensure cupboard doors and hardware operate well, no squeaks
  • Remove unnecessary furniture items to give the perception of roominess
  • Repair leaky faucets
  • Replace burnt out light bulbs
  • Paint interior with neutral colors and avoid unusual or highly patterned wallpaper
  • Use bright colors as an accent, like flowers, bathroom towels area rugs or your shower curtain
  • Touch up paint on baseboards and wall corners
  • Paint the garage floor and basement floor with oil based grey paint
  • Enhance the garage by installing drywall, storage shelves and install a garage door opener
Your Presentation!
  • Subtle background music is appropiate for a showing.
  • Never run a distracting dishwasher, laundry appliance, or other mechanical equipment during a showing.
  • Avoid displaying strong religious or political statements to avoid any bias feelings.
  • Open blinds, curtains and turn on lights to brighten any interior area.
  • Use fresh flowers to enhance the smell and look of any area.
  • Try to arrange for a minimun of family at a showing, to many people can distract the issue away from your end goal.



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Canadian Maple Leaves