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Home Staging Resources

You decided sell your home, what is the first step to sell fast and for the best price?
Home Staging!

The first impression is the number one key to selling your home. Buyers often make up their minds about a home within the first few minutes of entering the front door. This is assuming that the curb appeal of your home entices the buyer to want to enter the home in the first place. Home staging is as much about the exterior as it is about the interior. A great first impression can be the difference between selling your home quickly at your asking price or having your home sit on the market. Investing even the smallest amount of money or making minor changes such as simple furniture rearrangement can result in a solid return on investment. Another important benefit of staging is that staged houses look significantly better than non-staged ones in the photos featured on online listings.

Home Staging is essentially based on a few basic principles. Buyers may become distracted by clutter and overwhelmed by your personal belongings. Showcase your home’s selling features! Home staging incorporates simple techniques such as organizing, neutralizing and de-personalizing your home. Home staging is a proven technique in preparing your home to appeal to the broadest of buying audiences. Properties of all sizes, pricing and locations can benefit. A staged home looks organized, stylish and flows from room to room. Your buyer will be able to imagine your home’s potential without being distracted by personal possessions. Your buyer will view your home in a way that they can envision themselves and their personal belongings being there! Home staging creates a space that appeals to potential buyers and leaves a lasting first impression.

Hiring someone trained specifically to prepare a house for sale can be the one investment that will help you meet your end goal quickly or research techniques and do it yourself, visit the links on this page to help you stage and sell!

Home Stager & Décor Specialist - Set Your Stage works with homeowners and real estate agents who want stand out listings that appeal to buyers.
Increase The Curb Appeal Of Any House - Do You Want to Increase the Value of Your Property for Resale, Reappraisal for a Mortgage, or Simply to Increase Your Net Worth? 197 Ways to Improve the Curb Appeal of Any House!
Become A Professional Home Stager - Home staging may be the perfect business for you if you're creative, good at multi-tasking, love decorating, design, and real estate, and like the idea of working independently and creating your own schedule.
Enchantment Developments - a full service Home Staging company located in Red Deer, Alberta, specializing in helping you get the best price for your home.
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